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Large Quartz Sphere 325mm


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Large Quartz sphere which has a circumference of 1 metre, the Rock crystal Quartz semi precious mineral extracted in Madagascar and polished to an exacting standard by the craftsmen of Fianarantsoa Province, Madagascar.

Type: Quartz.
Formula: SiO2.
Age: Since the Paleozoic era.
Origin: Itremo massif, Itremo Commune, Ambatofinandrahana District, Amoron'i Mania Region, Fianarantsoa Province, Madagascar.

Quartz Sphere measurements.
Diameter: 32.5 cm
Circumference: 100cm
Weight: 42.702 Kg

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Large Quartz sphere from the Itremo massif of Madagascar. This huge sized sphere has been created by artisans by hand. Polishing a huge boulder of Quartz sometimes referred to as Rock crystal as this, must have been an immense task, one requiring a high degree of technical skill. A magnificent addition to the world of interiors for this Quartz sphere's monumental size making this piece highly sought after, with an excellent quality and unique with its own fingerprint time line can be seen throughout.

An exceptionally sized hand crafted statement orb hosts a unique quality and size of the silica based Quartz which formed millions of years ago, with terrestrial movements, through very hot water sediments which have been forced through layers of strata creating the necessary elements to enable the Quartz to form, as seen in the photographs. Quartz has been prized since antiquity, early man fashioned Quartz tools, American Indians fashioned points and in more modern times in many different applications, artificially grown for commercial use, naturally grown Quartz extracted from the earth’s oven deposits is becoming more scarce, the organic crystals are a finite resource.

Quartz has intrigued the human race for millennia, second only to diamond in its clarity and hardness. Far East Quartz or Rock crystals have been prised for carving stability for thousands of years and many wonderful objects, like ice sculptures of antiquity have been created by the great artists of the past.

Determining the age of Quartz minerals is a fickle process as crystals grow in environments of certain pressures, heat and with certain chemical elements in cavities of the earth, these crystals grow and fill the cavities. When the environment changes for various reasons, the crystals may stop growing. At what point the crystal started to grow or stops its growth cycle is undeterminable. In prehistory Quartz through deposition of minerals through hydro-thermal process’s was formed in this region, temperatures of nearly six hundred degrees and higher are needed for the mineral to form. Quartz laid down in the late Palaeozoic era, hundreds of million years ago, created the Quartz vein. Quartz is a very hard mineral and has been admired from prehistory for its similarities when cut and polished.

Additional Information

Age No
Origin Madagascar
Colour White