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Mammoth Hair In Acrylic Frame 210mm


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A remarkable acrylic block display of genuine Mammoth hair from the Siberian tundra of northern Russia, the hair held between two magnetic, clear lucite (acrylic) windows. ''In the early 1900's a party of Russian scientists in Siberian Tenéré dug up, cooked and ate the flesh of an ice age Mammoth, reporting back the St. Petersburg museum the preserved tissue was edible and delicious!''

(You will receive the same quantity of mammoth hair from Mammoth's discovered in Siberia and as seen in the images here to the left and below).

Genus: Mammuthus. Mammoth.
Origin: Mount Tamyr (Taimyr), Peninsula, Siberian steps, Russia.
Age: Quaternary era, late Pleistocene (upper Pleistocene), Tarantian epoch, approximately 200,000 to 20,000 years.

Mammoth frame measurements.
Height: 16 cm
Width: 21 cm
Depth: 3 cm
Approximate weight: 1194 g

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Mammoth Hair In Acrylic block frame. Mammoth finds are sometimes quite well preserved, when frozen over quickly in the prehistoric tundra. However Mammoths have been found showing signs of scavenging, often missing some or all tissue, flesh the softer parts of the caracas. These emmensly large and heavy animals often became stuck in rivers margins, silts and boggy marsh lands. These sorts of terrain saw their demise, not able to gain freedom, only to slowly sink in the partly anoxic environment. Being starved of oxygen bacteria normally associated with rotting an animals remains were stymied. This preserved the animal and gave us the unique opportunity of being able to eventually gain wonderful Mammoth coats. If the Mammoth caracas had rotted out in the open the hair would be scattered by winds and water actions. In this instant the frozen tundra encapsulated the remains and we at the Fossil Store have encapsulated the hair of the great Mammoth in our acrylic display block.

Parts of Mammoths are found scattered over great distances. Historic river patterns crossed the tundra cutting swaths and re-depositing parts, tusks, teeth etc in silts where eddys or ox bow bends were formed in the river systems and later became frozen over entombing the remains in the time capsules of ice. Some discoveries show exceptional preservation, due to the environment and climate conditions which preserves Mammoth tissues and possibly DNA, as one recent discovery of a Mammoth is proving.