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Lytoceras Sutured Ammonite 60mm


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A fine Lytoceras pyrite sutured ammonite from the Cretaceous prehistoric seas. Read the description below...

Genus: Lytoceras Ammonite.
Age: Cretaceous period.
Origin: Madagascar.

Lytoceras Ammonite measurements.
Width: 6.0 cm
Depth: 2.6 cm

Weight: 0.080 g

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A fine Lytoceras ammonite, of the ammonoid family, in the group of cephalopods (cephalopoda), a Cretaceous period marine dweller which once filled the prehistoric oceans and shallow seas with life. The marine animal died its shell sinking into the sea bottom, has been covered over quickly with sands and silts and petrification took place absorbing minerals and enabling the chitin shell to absorb the silica mineral contents into the shell by a type of osmosis. Millions of animals became fossilised in this way, this one is unique along with every fossil survivor, as very few became a fossil ammonoid.

The Lytoceras is filled with minerals of the quartz family, dark browns to greys, fully inflated, a strong keel siphuncle can be seen due to the work of polishing some of the shell, polished to a good centre and exhibiting suture patterning to the inner whorl adjacent to the mouth chamber or saddle of the ammonite.

Additional Information

Age Cretaceous
Origin Madagascar
Colour Brown