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Large Fossil Nautilus Dining Table - 4.2ft


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A stunning large round Devonian marble table is displaying a superb Nautilus specimen surrounded by many other fossil inclusions showing great insight into the prehistoric marine water column which is now known as the Western Sahara desert. This natural yet created design is showcasing the fossil specimens which have mineralised over the aeons with fascinating quartz and calcite replacing the internal chambers surrounded by the ancient sedimentary limestones which contrast the unexpected combinations and colour and tone along with fascinating shells of molluscs and crustacea curating a unique-designed creation.

Genus: Nautilus. Orthoceratites, Orthoceras Regulare.
Age: Palaeozoic era, Devonian, approximately 417 to 354 million years.
Origin: Tazzerine, Western Sahara Desert, Morocco, North Africa.

Devonian table measurements.
Diameter: 129 cm
Depth: 2 cm

Overall height: 42 cm
Base height: 40 cm

Overall height: 42 cm
Base height: 40 cm

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Here we have an authentic, prestigious round-polished fossil Nautilus coffee table with many other Ammonoid and Orthoceras inclusions on a large pair of custom curved glass bases curated for home interiors. This bespoke creative table design will make the perfect statement for your interior whilst showcasing an array of distinctive Nautilus and Orthoceras fossil inclusions within the palette of subtle browns and reds which transcend throughout the Devonian limestone from Morocco dating back from 417,000,000 to 354,000,000 years.

These fossil inclusions show great insight into the prehistoric water beds now known as the Western Sahara with superb detail, presenting the Nautilus and Orthoceras fossil specimens which have mineralised over the eons with fascinating quartz and calcite deposits replacing the internal chambers within to be surrounded by the ancient limestone sedimentary contrasting these wondrous combinations curating a unique-designed creation.

Additional Information

Age Devonian
Origin Morocco