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Aculeata Wasp, Hoverflies, Gnats, Ants & Leaf in Columbian Copal


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Large leaf in Columbian copal, also containing a wonderful and varied collection of prehistoric fauna and flora, including Aculeata wasp, Cyclorrapha hoverflies, Brachycera flies, Nematocera fungus gnats and Aculeate ants.

Genus: Large leaf, Hemiptera, Aculeate, Nematocera, Brachycera, Cyclorrhapha and Midges.
Age: approximately 1.6 million years to 10,000 years old.
Origin: Columbia.

Copal measurements.
Height: 10.3 cm
Width: 6.7 cm
Depth: 4 cm

Approximate weight: 0,121 g

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Large leaf in Columbian copal containing insects of a broad variety. The polished nodule teeming with petrified inclusions of many types of flying and crawling insects. Particularly evident is a large inclusion of an almond-shaped leaf, the fibrous looking leaf may be viewed from one face of the copal. The insects life is astounding, varied and numerous insects swirl around the golden drop of fossil tree resins. Colombian copal can be up to 16 to 20 million years of age and the insects within our a bridge to the past. the entomological study of these insects is a good guide to dating, along with the deposition of the find.

The nodule has suffered with the slight ding here and there however the quality of life within pales these slight imperfections. Also the nodule has stress lines which are evident in the images, this has been cracked open and repaired and the whole polished, please view the above illustrations. The nodule is quite stable and solid and has now been cut at the base and polished to display as a freeform and freestanding show piece.

Petrified and fossilised amber and copal provide a rare glimpse into prehistoric life. The ancient tropical rain forests give up there secrets of life through these deposited time capsules. Insects, insect frass, coprolites or faeces, arachnids their silk webs, spindrift, plant parts, flowers, petals, stamens, pollens, stems, bark, and plant-hairs and rarely snails, small vertebrate, including reptiles and amphibians, hairs of mammals, feathers of birds, bacteria, fungi, nematodes, trapped air, gases, and liquids, became entrapped and preserved in the sticky tree sap. These specimens when encased in fossil resins of our prehistoric past are termed inclusions.

Insect Inclusions Hemiptera scale fly, Aculeata wasp, Cyclorrapha hoverflys, Brachycera flies, Nematocera fungus gnats, Aculeate ants, aculaeta wasp, Diptera fly, among many more varieties.