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Featuring bespoke mineral gemstone and fossil jewellery created for the delicate attires and with a variety of styles to choose from like our Baltic Amber rings and bracelets from the Baltic region dating back to 50,000,000 years, including a collection of fossilised opalescent Cleoniceras Ammonites conserved into pendants in 925 silver from the Mahajanga Jungle in Madagascar dating back to 120,000,000 years and handmade Rose Quartz gemstones set into 925 silver-rhodium plated rings.

  1. Cleoniceras Ammonite Pendant with business card

    Cleoniceras Ammonite Pendant

    A superb silver clasped dropper pendant of the classic Cleoniceras ammonite completely mineralised creating a natural and perfect gift for your loved one, usually worn on a long chain and suits most attires. Set in 925 silver and rhodium plated claw. Genus: Cleoniceras ammonite sp. and perisphinctes ammonite. Age: Mesozoic era, Cretaceous, Albian epoch, Cleoniceras Besairiei zone, approximately 112 million years. Origin: Ambatolafia Quarry, Mahajanga basin, Mahajanga province, North Western Madagascar. You will receive this one or one similar to this product, we guarantee all are authentic and of the same high quality. Height: 3.8 cm Width: 3.2 cm Depth: 0.4 cm Average weight: 0,009 g Learn More
  2. Opalescent Ammonite Pendant 30mm

    Opalescent Ammonite Pendant 30mm

    Opalescent Cleoniceras fossil ammonite pendant excavated in the Mahajanga jungle of Madagascar. The exotic tropical island lying off the coast of S. E. Africa, a jewel in the Indian Ocean. Madagascan having the most unique flora and fauna is also blessed with the unique fossil deposits, some of the finest and most colourful fossils in the world today. Richly detailed minerals, mainly quartz-based developed in the earth's layers creating unique depositions, some outcrop on the surface, many are mined and have in recent years been harvested for collectors across the globe. Read the full description below.... Genus: Cleoniceras Ammonite. Age: Cretaceous, approximately 120 million years ago. Origin: Mahajanga Jungle, Madagascar. Cleoniceras ammonite measurement. Ammonite length: 3 cm Weight: 0,010 g Learn More
  3. Baltic Amber Silver Ring front view M-

    Baltic Amber Silver Ring

    Type: Baltic Amber. Age: Eocene, approximately 50 million years. Origin: Baltic region, Lithuania. Ring size: M- UK / 6.5 US Approximate weight: 10 g Size Guide >

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  4. Rose Quartz 925 Silver Ring

    Rose Quartz 925 Silver Ring

    Semi-precious Rose Quartz 925 silver ring. The semi-precious stone set into a rhodium plated 925 silver band. UK size N 1/2. (other sizes available) Type: Rose Quartz: Origin: Brazil. Approximate weight: 0,012 g

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  5. Baltic Amber 925 Silver Bracelet angle view

    Baltic Amber 925 Silver Bracelet

    Baltic amber 925 silver bracelet, displaying attractive inclusions of soft dandelion and blonde yellows, an unusual palate for amber from the Baltic region. Fashioned into a 925 silver square face with an exquisitely designed small clasp and fine drop chain fitting to create a wonderful piece for any attire. Type: Baltic Amber. Age: Eocene, approximately 50 million years. Origin: Baltic region, Lithuania. Bangle measurements. Diameter: 6.9 cm Frame Width: 1.9 cm Square Face: 4 cm Approximate weight: 46 g Learn More