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Jasper Variegated Bowl 1.3ft


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A large variegated colour banded Ocean jasper bowl of fine quality. Ocean jasper is named for a variety of jasper minerals found along the intertidal shores of northeast Madagascar. The bowl featured here is from that stable of Ocean Jasper. Read our description below...

Type: Polychrome Jasper.
Formula: Silicon dioxide: SiO2
Origin: Mahajanga jungle, Madagascar.

Approximate measurements.
Height: 8.10 cm
Width: 40.0 cm
Depth: 26.0 cm

Approximate weight: 7,300 Kg

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The banded colours of jasper appear very similar to fossil wood deposits of the same region, however this is not the case here, a serendipitous event has created a beautiful variegated colour bands which look remarkably like the rings of a fossils wood. The colour tones of this quartz, for jasper is from the quartz family are of a cool and calming nature. The artisan having created a very tactile shaped bowl, which mirrors the contours of the raw elements of the semi precious stone.

The term used freeform, when the sculpture is carved from the natural jasper, the sculptor interprets the flowing movement, tones and colours in the natural stone, thus creating in partnership in harmony with mother nature to create a unique freeform design, one created at the moment of creation in the igneous loins of the earths crust, only to be completed by the artisan inspired with the flowing vitality of the naturally formed colours and veining of quartz.

Polychrome jasper of the quartz family is of a hardness on the Friedrich Mohs scale between a number six to seven (Mohs scale 1-10), where diamonds are classed at 10, quartz is a hard stone mineral, of a semi precious nature.