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    Amethyst Geode Monuments 1140mm

    Pair Of Amethyst Geodes 3.7ft

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    Amethyst geode monuments 1140mm of naturally formed druzy amethyst crystals, discovered in Brazil. The whole geode or cavern cut into two half’s for display. The numerous Amethyst quartz points within the cavern represent the growth that has taken place over time. The now flat cut edge of the geode displays white to clear quartz at the base of the crystal bed, this is the indicator of genuine ‘earth pocket’ naturally created amethyst. Forced (heat treated), amethyst geodes, cathedrals or caverns do not have this natural variation from white to deep purple amethyst colouration in the quartz bed. Artificially treated amethyst appears without the white base to the crystals, as it has been forced in baking ovens or stained which creates a solid purple crystal wall from the outer shell to the crystal terminations within the cavity. Rarely seen of this quality and size, perfect for interior display and Includes free delivery see terms and conditions. Please contact us for a personal overseas shipping quote, see the menu INFO tab at the top of this page. Type: Druzy Amethyst. Formula: SiO2 Age: Unknown Origin: Brazil. Amethyst measurements. Height: 114 cm Amethyst weight. Left amethyst: 33 Kg Right amethyst: 33 Kg Overall approximately weight: 66 Kg approximately. Learn More
  2. New Amethyst Geode Monuments

    Pair Of Amethyst Geodes 4.3ft

    High quality druzy Amethyst geode monuments naturally formed from Brazil, displaying contrasting colours and amethyst quartz points representing the growth that has taken place over millions of years. A natural formation of Amethyst with deep amethyst to eggplant colours throughout the geode with partial remnants of crystals white surrounding the points toward the outer edge. Rarely seen of this size and quality, perfect for interior display and Includes free UK delivery. Please contact us for overseas shipping, we require an address or country of origin to confirm rate estimates. Please use the contact details in the header of our website or contact us via our contact page located on our information - ('INFO') menu tab. Type: Druzy Amethyst. Formula: SiO2 Age: Unknown Origin: Brazil. Amethyst measurements. Height: 132 cm Amethyst weight. Left amethyst: 63 Kg Right amethyst: 77 Kg Overall approximately weight: 140 Kg approximately. Learn More