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Welcome to our Interior category where you'll find some rather special selections, whether you are looking for a fossil bowl with inclusions or a large interior fossil statement, here we have a wide range of museum quality fossils for sale; Ammonites that sit elegantly in your living-space surmounted and classically displayed on our custom designed bronze plinths, wine racks with wondrous fossil inclusions in devonian limestone, wall featured fossil plates of trilobites or ammonites or dining bowls and plates with large fossil dining tables for that bespoke look, we have something for everyone with spectacular fossils to browse and buy.

  1. Crinoid Scyphocrinites Elegans 405mm

    Scyphocrinites Elegans Crinoidea Fossil Lily 405mm

    An excellent fossil specimen plate well defined and articulated. The feathery arms and pinnules distinct. Careful conservation bringing the brachial plates into 3D, each brachial plate exhibiting good distinct detail allowing the attributes of the crinoid to be studied. Read our description below and to read more about the Crinoidea group, anatomy, lifestyle, where they are found and how we excavate them follow this link to discover another world. Discover more about the Crinoidea family Genus: Scyphocrinites Elegans Crinoidea. Origin: Djebel Issoumour, Alnif, Morocco, North Africa. Age: Paleozoic era, early Devonian, approximately 420 to 380 million years. Crinoidea on Bronze measurements. Height: 40.5 cm Width: 35.5 cm Depth 9.0 cm Crinoidea Bronze Mount weight: 8.000 gr Crinoidea plate measurements. Height: 35.5 cm Width: 30.5 cm Depth 4.5 cm Crinoidea plate weight: 2.105 gr Learn More
  2. New Paradoxides Acadoparadoxides Trilobite on Bronze

    Paradoxides Acadoparadoxides Trilobite on Bronze 390mm

    Paradoxides acadoparadoxides trilobite from Sidi Abdallah ben el Hadji, Morocco and dates back to the Palaeozoic era, Cambrian approximately 540 to 500 million years. The Paradoxides acadoparadoxides trilobites were discovered in the Atlas mountains, in the Jbel Wawrmast Formation, of Zagora region, the Draa Valley, near Alnifi, Sidi Abdullah ben el Hadj village, Morocco, North Africa. Genus: Acadoparadoxides briareus (Geyer, 1993) Age: Palaeozoic era, Mid Cambrian period (stage 3) approximately 515 million years ago. Origin: Jbel Wawrmast Formation, of Zagora region, the Draa Valley, near Alnifi, Sidi Abdullah ben el Hadj village, Morocco, North Africa. Overall measurements on bronze base. Height: 39.0 cm Width: 24.0 cm Depth: 0.0 cm Paradoxides plate mean measurements. Height: 30.0 cm Width: 24.0 cm Plate Thickness: 0.0 cm Paradoxides specimen mean measurements. Length: 25.0 cm Width: 18.0 cm Overall weight: 3.4 Kg Trilobite plate weight: 2.6 Kg Learn More