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Framed Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus Tooth 420mm


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A Framed Spinosaurus aegyptiacus fossil tooth with an artist signed print by Ben Pickup. Including a genuine fossil Spinosaur tooth set behind viewing window within the frame mount. Supplied with a certificate of authentication of the fossil specimen and an artist signed proof certificate affixed verso, which includes a short bio of Ben's career and naming the dinosaur. Each Spinosaur tooth of a good size and state of conservation.

NB. Allow extra time for mounting and framing (We normally carry each specimen frame in stock where possible, seasonally busy selling times permitting) add one-two extra week/s to scheduled delivery time. Contact us for more information. Learn more about Spinosaurus...

Genus: Spinosaurus aegyptiacus.
Age: Mesozoic era, early Cretaceous, Circa, approximately 99 million years.
Origin: Tegana formation, Kem Kem, Northern Sahara, Morocco, North Africa

Approximate frame measurement.
Height: 42 cm
Width: 30 cm
Depth: 3 cm

Approximate weight: 1.5 Kg

(Please note: Each dinosaur tooth may vary slightly in colour, size and due to availability delivery may be up to one week. Please contact us if you have any queries.)

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Framed Spinosaurus aegyptiacus artwork by Ben Pickup. Presented in a glazed frame with glass viewing panel to the fossil inclusion. Ben's art is wonderfully creative with copious fine detail. The Spinosaurus of the early Cretaceous of the Cenomanian epoch, dating back to approximately 99 million years ago. the fossil specimen along with other remains of the Spinosaurus were located in the Tegana formation, Northern Sahara, Morocco, North Africa.

An excellent presentation of a classic dinosaur tooth from what must now be one of the most renowned collecting sites of the world for theropod carnivore remains. The Spinosaur made famous when featured in Steven Spielberg's Jurassic park series of films about the dinosaurian theme parks. Here our resident artist Ben brings to life the meat eating theropod which terrified audiences on the films release, once again be thrilled with the aid of an authentic gripping tooth which in all probability crushed many prey before the carnivores demise millions of years ago.


Here you can discover more Informatin on the Spinosaurus aegyptiacus dinosaur!


Uncovering the Spinosaurus dinosaur from the Western Sahara in Africa

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Age No
Origin Morocco
Colour Black