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  1. Drotops Megalomanicus Trilobite 138mm

    Drotops Megalomanicus Trilobite 138mm

    Drotops Megalomanicus Trilobite 138mm. This fossil trilobite can still unveil a story of its evolution through the complex schizochroal eye, as multi compound eyes stand up from the cephalon, filled with a multitude of convex lenses, which were made up of the mineral calcite this having endured the test of time in its taphonomic state. Trilobites melted their exoskeleton or carapace, these carapaces are often found enrolled, like a defensive ball. This genus Drotops grew exceptionally large, larger than most Phacops genera for which it has a close resemblance. A relatively recently named and classified discovery from the fossil beds of Morocco. Genus: Drotops Megalomanicus. (Phacops Rana Africanus). Age: Paleozoic Era, Middle Devonian, Eifelian stage, approximately 390 million years. Origin: Region of Daya el Maider, Nr Tafraoute Sidi Ali, Djebel Issimour, Alnif, Morocco North Africa. Drotops Megalomanicus measurements. Height: 3.5 cm Length: 13.8 cm Width: 7.3 cm Overall measurement. Height: 5.7. cm Length: 17.3 cm Width: 11 cm Approximate weight: 1,228 g Learn More