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  1. New Crotalocephalus Gibbus Trilobite 101mm

    Crotalocephalus Gibbus Trilobite 101mm

    Crotalocephalus Gibbus Trilobite 101mm, professionally prepared the matrix (fossil bedrock layer), having been removed from the sedimentary rock of the once fossil bed, thus revealing the prehistoric arthropods exoskeleton, this fossil arthropod was part of the invertebrate group. The naturally contemporaneous Devonian limestone silt may have been this individuals demise. It is believed underwater landslips were commonly caused and that many trilobites were suddenly caught in and covered over being trapped in the anoxic silt, victims of an anaerobic environment, the lack of oxygen not beneficial for life, was beneficial for the process of quickly and successful fossilisation, aiding petrification and retarding bacterial growth. So that the animals body parts were preserved. Genus: Crotalocephalus Gibbus. (Crotalocephalina). Age: Palaeozoic era,Early Devonian period, Pragian stage 411 to 408 million years ago. Origin: Atchana formation, Djebel Issoumour, Alnif, Morocco, North Africa. Crotalocephalus Gibbus measurements. Height: 2.5 cm Length: 10.1 cm Width: 3.9 cm Overall measurements. Height: 4.5 cm Length: 12.5 cm Width: 9.7 cm Approximate weight: 442 g Learn More