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  1. Mammites Nodosoides Ammonite 170mm

    Mammites Nodosoides Ammonite 170mm

    The Mammites ammonite with ornamentation of stumpy tubercles to each side of the shell, the whole form is reasonably good, uncrushed, with some excellent ammonitic suture patterning. In places, the thick fossilised shell is still intact, this appears as darker patches, while the internal sutures under the shell appear in varying dark and lighter beige areas. Verso one small complete turritella gastropod lies within the matrix, just above the cut base, creating a unique and fascinating feature. A collector grade specimen having undergone cleaning and preparation in the UK. The base cut for display and the matrix (bedrock) ground, thus enhancing the overall appearance, lifting the fossilised shell and exhibiting it to a greater degree. Enlarge the illustrations above to fully view the ammonites attributes. Genus: Mammites nodosoides, described by Laube and Bruder in 1887. Family: Acanthoceratidae, described by De Grossouvre, Circa 1894 SubFamily: Mammitinae, described by Hyatt Circa 1900 Age: Upper Cretaceous Period, Early to late Turonian Stage, 94.3 to 89.3 m.y.a. Environment/lithology: lithified, concretionary marl, Mammites nodosoides Zone. Geological Location: N.E. Asfla, Goulmima, Er-rachidia province, Anti Atlas, Morocco. Mammites Nodosoides dimensions Width: 15.5 cm Depth: 6.5 cm Height: 13.5 cm Overall block dimensions Width: 15.5 cm Depth: 9.5 cm Height: 17.0 cm Weight: 2,134 Kg Reference: W. J. Kennedy, A. S. Gale, D. J. Ward and C. J. Underwood. 2008. Early Turonian ammonites from Goulmima, southern Morocco. Bulletin de l'Institut Royal des Sciences Naturelles de Belgique. Learn More