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Spider, Fly And Mosquito In Copal


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Spiders and other arthropods and insects entombed in copal, lured onto the sticky sap from trees of the primeval tropical jungle of Madagascar. The once weeping glutinous tree resin has hardened over time, becoming petrified copal. The copal specimen displays an excellent clarity with a varied collection of insects within including an arachnid, fruit flies and possibly a mosquito all easily picked out through the golden hue of the honey toned copal.

Genus: Spider, flies and mosquito.
Age: Approximately 1,600,000 to 10,000 years.
Origin: Madagascar.

Copal measurements.
Width: 10.9 cm
Depth: 3.6 cm
Height: 3.4 cm

Approximate weight: 0,037 g

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Spider, fruit flies and also including what appear to be crane or damselflies, yet to be conclusively identified, all encapsulated in the petrified copal. The fauna having been lured onto the tree sap, seeping from ancient trees in tropical jungles of Madagascar. Madagascar is a large Island with an eco system that a was cut off and for the most part isolated from the rest of the world until quite recently, in geological terms. Helping the island to develop many unique forms of life which now lies in the Indian ocean 250 miles off the coast of south eastern Africa. The stalactitic copal displays excellent clarity with a varied ensemble of prehistoric insects within. Most copal discovered in the Southern Hemisphere, in South America and Southern parts of Africa are considered to be under 65,000 years old. As carbon dating is not considered accurate normally over 50,000 years it is presently considered difficult to date these petrified and fossilised specimens, therefore until further research is published, presently scientifically undeterminable.

The window into an ancient lost world, romantic musing perhaps, yet the undeniable mysteries of the glowing, tactile fossil resin added to the trapped flora and fauna within stimulates the mind. Here in these globules of prehistoric moments we can view a still life of calamities of the prehistoric forrest frozen forever. Some of us as children may have placed time capsules into the ground with treasured possessions, here then naturally made paleontological capsules have been similarly laid down. How interesting and enlightening are the bridges to the past these organic tombs provide. To hold in ones hand moments cast forth tens of thousands to millions of years to the present is mesmerising. As one orientates the golden nectar through light to gaze at creatures dancing a chaotic waltz, now paused for all time.

Additional Information

Age No
Origin Madagascar
Colour Amber