Pterodactyl Siroccopteryx

Pterodactyl Siroccopteryx fossil specimens for sale - welcome to the premium destination for Pterodactyl Pterosaur Siroccopteryx teeth, claws, jaws, skulls and skeletons procured from Morocco, North Africa for the esteemed collector.

  1. Pterodactyl Pterosaur Siroccopteryx Flying Reptile

    Pterodactyl Pterosaur Siroccopteryx Flying Reptile Tooth

    Pterosaur of Morocco, a tooth which has been preserved in the Continental intercalaire. This rare tooth once belonged to the enigmatic flying reptile; Siroccopteryx, Pterodactyl exhibiting wear morphology to the striated dentin single tooth. Includes a bespoke glass-faced black leatherette case with certificate of authenticity. Genus: Coloborhynchus sp. Siroccopteryx moroccensis (Bryn Mader and Alexander Kellner, 1999) Age: Upper Cretaceous, Albian to the Cenomanian stage, approximately 113,000,000 to 96,000,000 years. Origin: Taouz, Kem Kem Basin, Province of Errachidia, South East Morocco. Formation: Aoufous Formation (Tegana formation), Continental Intercalaire or Red Sandstone Beds. Stats: 6m / 20ft wingspan. Pterosaur tooth measurement: 34 mm Weight: 0,002 g Wiki Siroccopteryx Information Wiki Pterosaur Information Six meter Pterosaur Siroccopteryx Flying Reptile scale to man ratio Learn More