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Discover wonderful 'fossil marine shells' in this category where you'll find some rather special selections, here we have a wide range of museum quality fossils for sale; Ammonites that sit elegantly in your living-space surmounted and classically displayed on our custom designed bronze plinths or wall features that transcend your personal style and passion for historic themes into reality.

Discover a geological world of fossils including the prolific and stunning fossil pecten shells including many other molluscs and orthoceras specimens.

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    Pyrite Kosmoceras Ammonite 64mm

    Pyrite Kosmoceras Ammonite 64mm

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    Exceptional fossil ammonoids very appealing and uniquely recognisable from this Russian location on the Volga. The fossil fills with pyrite, which grows geometrically filling in each hollow chamber until it is disturbed or the hollow has been completely filled. Read the full history below... Genus: Kosmoceras ammonite. Origin: Mikhailov, Volga river, Ulyanovsk near Saratov, Ryazan region of Russia. Age: Mesozoic Era, Middle Jurassic Period, Callovian Stage, around 164 to 161 million years ago Kosmoceras ammonite measurements. Diameter: 6.4 cm Depth: 1.1 cm Approximate weight: 0,042 g Learn More