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Discover wonderful 'fossil marine shells' in this category where you'll find some rather special selections, here we have a wide range of museum quality fossils for sale; Ammonites that sit elegantly in your living-space surmounted and classically displayed on our custom designed bronze plinths or wall features that transcend your personal style and passion for historic themes into reality. Discover a geological world of fossils including the prolific and stunning fossil pecten shells including many other molluscs and orthoceras specimens.

  1. Holzmaden Lytoceras Plate 1400mm

    Holzmaden Lytoceras Plate 1400mm


    An Important Holzmaden pyritised Poseidon shale fossil plate, wonderfully conserved for interior display. A large and fine fossil plate exhibiting excellent preservation, the fossil shells having absorbed mineral inclusions of the fossil layers during the period of fossilisation which has taken over 180,000,000 years.

    Genus: Lytoceras siemensi ammonite
    Origin: Holzmaden region, Posidonia formation, Lagerstätten shales, South West Germany.
    Age: Palaeozoic era, Lower Jurassic period, Toarcian stage approximately 180 million years.

    Holzmaden plate measurements.
    Height: 140 cm
    Weight: 50 Kg


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