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  1. New Anoxypristis Sawfish Rostrum 755mm

    Anoxypristis Sawfish Rostrum 755mm

    Rare Anoxypristis sawfish rostrum 755mm in overall length, the rostral blade with teeth now presented on custom perplex display stand. The rosturm prepared and conserved from the limestones which surrounded the fossil laid down sixty million years ago. Read the fuller report below... Genus: Anoxypristis mucrodens (White, 1926)? Pristis lathami (Galeotti 1837)? Origin: Phosphate deposits of Khouribga, Ouled Abdoun Basin, Morocco, North Africa. Age: Cenozoic era, [Tertiary] Paleogene period, late Palaeocene epoch, Maastrichtian - Ypresian ages, approximately 72 - 56 million years. Anoxypristis sawfish measurements. Length: 75.5 cm Width: 15 cm Perspex base measurements. Length: 78 cm Width: 18 cm Approximate weight: 15 Kg Learn More