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  1. Mammoth Hair In Acrylic Frame

    Mammoth Hair In Acrylic Frame

    A remarkable acrylic block display of genuine Mammoth hair from the Siberian tundra of northern Russia, the hair held between two magnetic, clear lucite (acrylic) windows. ''In the early 1900's a party of Russian scientists in Siberian Tenéré dug up, cooked and ate the flesh of an ice age Mammoth, reporting back the St. Petersburg museum the preserved tissue was edible and delicious!'' (You will receive the same quantity of mammoth hair from Mammoth's discovered in Siberia and as seen in the images here to the left and below). Genus: Mammuthus. Mammoth. Origin: Mount Tamyr (Taimyr), Peninsula, Siberian steps, Russia. Age: Quaternary era, late Pleistocene (upper Pleistocene), Tarantian epoch, approximately 200,000 to 20,000 years. Mammoth frame measurements. Height: 16 cm Width: 21 cm Depth: 3 cm Approximate weight: 1194 g Learn More
  2. Woolly Mammoth Tooth 191mm

    Woolly Mammoth Tooth 191mm

    Genus: Woolly Mammoth. Mammuthus primigenius. Age: Pleistocene stage, approximately 1.6 million to 50,000 years. Origin: Tamyr Peninsula Provenance of Siberia. Mammoth tooth measurements. Length: 19.1 cm Width: 8.6 cm Depth: 14.3 cm Approximate weight: 1,995 kg Learn More