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  1. Cladocyclus Pankowskii Jaw 80mm

    Cladocyclus Pankowskii Jaw 80mm

    Cladocyclus pankowskii sp.nov. Jaw 80mm in overall length, a partial left dentary of a newly established fish in the Cenomanian of Morocco. The large predatory fish more familiar from the Santana formation of Brazil is described in a recent paper making this specimen a relatively important and exciting find from the classic red beds of the Tegana deposits. read our full description below... Genus: Cladocyclus Agassiz, 1841, Cladocyclus pankowskii sp. Origin: Ferruginous sandstones, Lower Sandstone unit, Tegana formation,province 'De Ksar-es-Souk', Kem Kem deposits, Morocco, North Africa. Age: Mesozoic era, Cretaceous period, Albian to lower Cenomanian stages 112 to 97 million years ago. Ichthyodectid jaw measurements. Length: 08.0 cm Largest tooth: 3.0 cm (from root) Approximate weight: 0,022 g Learn More
  2. Elosuchus Crocodile Jaw 197mm

    Elosuchus Cherifiensis Crocodile Jaw 197mm

    The partial Crocodilian jaw exhibited open tooth sockets the largest of which is 12mm in diameter. A very interesting specimen partial jaw which illustrates very well the morphology of the alveoli, the tooth placement sockets, the largest of which is just slightly larger than 12mm diameter. The bone tissue exhibits the small holes which are nerve ending points of the sensory receptors which made the crocodilians such efficient predators in the water, their domain which from early beginnings of the late Cretaceous period the line of crocodyloidea evolved. Genus Att: Elosuchus cherifiensis (lavocat 1955), deBroin 2002, crocodile. Order: Crocodilia. Superfamily: Gaviloidea Origin: Tegana formation, province 'De Ksar-es-Souk', Kem Kem deposits, Morocco, North Africa. Age: Mesozoic era, Cretaceous period, Cenomanian to Turonian stages 100 to 89 million years ago. Specimen dimensions: Length: 19.7 cm Height: 4.14 cm Depth: 2.33 cm Approximate weight: 0.200 kg

    dyrosaurus crocodile

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  3. Sarcosuchus Crocodile Jaw 680mm

    Elosuchus Cherifiensis Crocodile Lower Mandible 680mm

    The Elosuchus crocodile, a very large rostral jaw section of the fossil crocodilian discovered in the Cretaceous period fossil bed in Morocco, N. Africa. the rostral section would have formed part of a jaw of a monster-sized archosaur in the order of 10 meters in length. The skull, up to very nearly 2 meters in length contained powerful crushing jaws, large peg teeth, capable of gripping and ripping large chunks of flesh from prey. Also, the Elosuchus predator originates from the same lagoons frequented by predatory dinosaurs such as the Spinosaurus. Genus: E. cherifiensis, described by Lavocat, circa 1955 lately re-described Elosuchus by de Broin, 2002. Origin: Tegana formation, Province Errachidia (formerly 'De Ksar-es-Souk'), Kem Kem deposits, Morocco, North Africa. Age: Mesozoic era, Cretaceous period, Cenomanian to Turonian stages 100 to 89 million years ago. Specimen dimensions: Length: 68.0 cm Width proximal jaw: 22.0 cm Width distel jaw: 9.0 cm Height: 8.0 cm Approximate weight: 5.2 kg Approximate overall on stand: Height: 15.0 cm Width: 75.5 cm Depth: 25.5 cm Approximate on stand weight: 15.350 kg

    dyrosaurus crocodile

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  4. Prognathodon Giganteus Mosasaurus Jaw

    Prognathodon Giganteus Mosasaurus Mandibles 1m

    Prognathodon Giganteus Mosasaurus Jaws and original teeth in burlap jacket. A fine museum quality specimen Mosasaur jaw preserved in partially articulated position. Mosasaurus was a prehistoric marine reptile, a marine creature with immense and powerful jaws, preying on other marine reptiles, ammonites and large nautili. This is part of a group of marine reptiles which attained great size in the Cretaceous before becoming extinct, forerunners of the great sharks and cetaceans which filled the gap they left in the world's oceans. Read the fuller description below... Genus: Prognathodon giganteus mosasaurus. (Mosasauridae family). Age: Mesozoic era, Cretaceous Period, Turonian to Maastrichtian ages, approximately 135 to 65 million years. Origin: From the Khouribga formation, Casablanca, Morocco, North Africa. Mosasaurus jaw measurements overall including burlap jacket and matrix: Height: 80 cm Width: 95 cm Depth: 15 cm Overall weight approximately: 45 kg (Includes free delivery to the UK mainland and free worldwide sea freight shipping - up to 35 days delivery. (contact us for an airfreight quote for a 3 to 5 days delivery schedule). Or enter shipping address at checkout to automatically calculate the airfreight estimate. - Please contact us for overseas shipping, we require an address or country of origin to confirm rate estimates. You can do this by phone or emails. Please use the contact details in the header of our website or you can contact us via our contact page located on our 'INFO' menu tab.

    Prognathodon Mosasaurus ratio illustration scale to man

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