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Framed Turtle Coprolites 410mm


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Framed turtle coprolites 410mm from Madagascar with a signed print by Ben Pickup. Presented in a glazed black mahogany frame with a glass front by The Fossil Store. Ben's art is wonderfully creative with fine detail helping to create a visual of the turtle we know today which resembles the turtles from our ancient oceans 47 to 33 million years ago.

Genus: Coprolite.
Age: Eocene, approximately 47 to 33 million years.
Origin: Madagascar.

Turtle coprolite frame measurements.
Height: 34 cm
Width: 41 cm
Depth: 3.5 cm

Approximate weight: 1,191 g

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Framed turtle coprolites 410mm which is signed by artist Ben Pickup with original fossilised turtle coprolite poo. Presented in a glazed black frame with a glass front, Ben's art is wonderfully creative with fine detail. Coprolite has helped scientists and researchers in the field to determine and understand the diets and how good their digestion was. Also coprolite can be a great indicator to the seasonal changes that occurred millions of years ago.

Turtle coprolite or a humorous curiosity from Wilkes formation, Salmon Creek, Toledo, Lewis & Cowlitz County, SW Washington State near Mount St. Helen's volcano. Dating back to the Eocene era, approximately 20-35 million years, this piece has been left behind by a prehistoric turtle. Under the right geological conditions for coprolite to be preserved, it has to be covered particularly quick. There after a few million years it is replaced by surrounding minerals, in this case siderite and limonite. Sometimes remains can be found such as plants, seeds, bark, teeth, claws and bones (dependant on the animal/reptile) which is a great indicator to the animals/reptiles diet whether a herbivore or carnivore.

Additional Information

Age Eocene
Origin America
Colour Black