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    Drotops Armatus Trilobite

    Drotops Armatus Trilobite 155mm

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    Drotops armatus Trilobite, A fossil plate of taphonomic interest, are they in a love embrace or death throws clasp? Two large phacops, ancient arthropods battling on their limestone tomb. This Drotops thoracic segments have been engineered by evolution to interlock and provide armour with flexibility. This genera had developed plural and axial spines, these are in two rows longitudinally through the exoskeleton or carapace, two rows along each pleural field and two rows along the central lobe or axial lobe. Genus: Drotops armatus. Age: Paleozoic Era, Middle Devonian, Eifelian stage, approximately 390 million years. Origin: Region of Daya el Maider, Nr Tafraoute Sidi Ali, Djebel Issimour, Alnif, Morocco North Africa. Drotops armatus measurements. Left Drotops Length: 10 cm Right Drotops Length: 8 cm Total Length: 15.5 cm Width: 5.5 cm Height: 4 cm Overall measurements. Length: 18 cm Width: 9 cm Height: 7 cm Approximate weight: 917 g Learn More