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  1. Oceanic Crinoidea Lily Wall Decor - 7.8ft

    An Exquisite + Rare Scyphocrinites Elegans Crinoidea - Wall of Lilies 7.8ft

    £ POA
    A highly rare scientific discovery of museum importance, the wall-sized collage of Scyphocrinites Crinoidea 'sea lilies' conserved within an ancient Devonian seabed from the Western Sahara, North Africa. The Crinoids seamlessly create a sense of motion to what was once a seabed full of life. Captured in a moment of prehistoric time, each sea lily exhibiting their once extant anatomy. The massive plate displays the whole anatomy from the base cystoids ball-root to the Calyx crown with feathery like pinnule filter feeding arms. The monumental limestone bed a most impressive and unique fossil collection statement. Genus: Scyphocrinites Elegans Crinoidea. Origin: Djebel Issoumour, Alnif, Morocco, North Africa. Age: Paleozoic era, Silurian and Devonian periods, approximately 443.5 to 358.9 million years. Measurements. Height: 239 cm / 94 ins / 7ft 9" Width: 234 cm / 92 ins Depth: 10 cm / 4 ins Estimated weight: 700+ Kg Includes Free Worldwide Delivery Learn More