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  1. Cidaris Fossil sea Urchin Plate 130mm

    Cidaris Fossil sea Urchin Plate 130mm

    A good limestone trimmed slab encapsulating several echinoids exhibiting a mass mortality pattern, presumably smothered in some underwater calamity, evident in the scattered arrangement of spines around the fossilised sea urchin test's. Class: Echinoidea Subclass: Euechinoidea Order: Hemicidaroida Genus: Acrosalenia hemicidaroides. Echinoidea, Agassiz, 1838 Age: Mesozoic era, middle Jurassic, Bathonian stage approximately 168 to 166 million years. Origin: Oolitic layers, Landaville, Vosges, Lorraine, North Eastern France. Echinoid measurements. Diameter: 2.0 - 2.5 cm Cidaris Echinoid plate measurements. Square: 13.0 cm Depth: 3.0 cm Approximate weight: 1,137 g Learn More