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  1. New Barrandeops cf. Granulops Chatterton 77mm

    Barrandeops Granulops Chatterton 77mm

    A good specimen displaying the key attributes of the genus type, particularly the inflated granulous glabella (head shield), segmented thorax and narrowing pygidium (tail section) also exhibiting large preserved schizochroal eyes, which display many convex lenses, these lenses set in an alveoli framework of the sclera. When rolling fingers over these many attributes one can attempt to connect to the palaeozoic era. Genus: Barrandeops cf. granulops (described by Chatterton et al. 2006) Age: Palaeozoic era, Early Devonian, Emsian stage 408,000,000 - 393,000,000 mya. Origin: Hamar Laghdad Ridge, Erfoud, South Eastern Morocco, North Africa. Order: Phacopida Barrandeops sp. measurement. Length: 5.2 cm Height: 1.8 cm Width: 2.7 cm Overall measurement. Length: 7.7 cm Height: 3.7 cm Width: 6.0 cm Approximate weight: 185 g Learn More