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  1. New Morocanites Malladoides Trilobite 59mm

    Morocanites Malladoides Trilobite 59mm

    Morocanites malladoides trilobite 59mm. This appears to be a recently discovered arthropod of the type Morroconites having a longer rostrum (nose spike), excellently prone on the fossil matrix bedrock. Genus: Morocanites Malladoides. Age: Emsium stage, Middle Devonian period, approximately 408 to 393 million years. Origin: Bou Tiskaouine Formation, Hamar Laghdad, Taharajat, Oufaten, Djebel Issoumour, Atlas Mountains, Alnif, Morocco, North Africa. Morocanites Malladoides measurement. Height: 1.1 cm Length: 5.9 cm Width: 2.6 cm Overall measurement. Height: 3.6 cm Length: 10.7 cm Width: 9.6 cm Approximate weight: 437 g Learn More