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  1. Cyphaspis Trilobite 38mm

    Cyphaspis Trilobite 38mm

    The very distinctive and instantly recognisable 'devils horned' fossil trilobite of the Eifelian stage of the Devonian period, North Africa. With its eyes on slightly raised turrets, two upwardly turned spines directed at a forty-five-degree angle from the leading edge of the glabella (head shield), this little creature trawled the bottom of the ancient sea in search of nutrients. Another key feature of the genus is the long backwardly turned spine emanating from the sixth thoracic segment. Genus: Cyphaspis. (Order Aulacopleurida, Family Lichidae). Age: Palaeozoic era, middle Devonian, Eifelian stage, 393-388,000,000 million years ago. Origin: Lamrakeb region deposits near Alnif, Morocco, North Africa. Cyphaspis Trilobite measurement. Height: 1.3 cm Length: 3.8 cm Width: 2.2 cm Overall measurement. Height: 2.8 cm Length: 7.1 cm Width: 6.9 cm Approximate weight: 0,209 g Learn More
  2. Cyphaspis Trilobite 45mm

    Cyphaspis Trilobite 45mm

    The Cyphaspis trilobite fossilised on the original matrix (bedrock), has been extracted to show the ancient invertebrate crawl over its now fossilised seabed. The defensive...? Spines erect, the cheery character seemingly appears unaffected, as if the millions of years did not interrupt its daily foraging routine at all. Genus: Cyphaspis (Otarion) sp. (Order Proetida, Superfamily Aulacopleuroidea, Family Aulacopleuridae). Age: Palaeozoic era, middle Devonian period, 395 million years ago. Origin: Lamrakeb region deposits near Alnif, Morocco, North Africa. Cyphaspis measurement. Length: 4.5 cm Width: 2.8 cm Height: 2.6 cm Overall measurement. Height: 6.4 cm Width: 7.4 cm Depth: 8.4 cm Approximate weight: 271 g Learn More