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  1. New Akantharges Mbareki Trilobite 87mm

    Akantharges Mbareki Trilobite 87mm

    The Akantharges mbareki trilobite dates to the Palaeozoic era, the middle Devonian period, 395,000,000 million years ago. Originating from the fossil site, near Jorf, Tinejdad, Morocco, North Africa. An excellent Akantharges mbareki trilobite with extraordinarily large crab-like structured glabella spines outstretched away from the body which enabled the thoracic segments and spines to be cleaned of all the matrix (sedimentary limestone rock) and allow the carapace to be immensely visible. Genus: Akantharges mbareki. (Lichida, Family Lichidae). Age: Palaeozoic era, middle Devonian period, approximately 395 to 380 million years. Origin: Jorf, Tinejdad, Province of Er-rachidia, Morocco, North Africa. Akantharges mbareki measurement. Length: 3.5 cm Width: 3.0 cm Height: 1.9 cm Overall measurement on matrix. Height: 3.8 cm Width: 8.7 cm Depth: 6.5 cm Approximate weight: 0,123 g Learn More