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Phacops Speculator Trilobite 51mm


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Phacops speculator trilobite 51mm from Morocco, North Africa this trilobite dates back to the Devonian era, around 390 million years.

Genus: Phacops Speculator.
Age: Middle Devonian era, approximately 393 millions years.
Origin: Jebel Issoumour, Hamar Laghdad formation, Morocco, North Africa.

Phacops Speculator measurement.
Height: 0.9 cm
Length: 5.1 cm
Width: 2.6 cm

Overall measurement.
Height: 6.2 cm
Length: 5 cm
Width: 7.2 cm

Approximate weight: 269 g

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A fantastic specimen Phacops speculator trilobite surmounted on the original limestone fossil bedrock, all the features of the genus of type well proportioned and clear post the trilobite being professionally cleaned and air abrasive techniques have been used to expose the Phacops speculator on the fossilised silts which were once the seabed it trawled along in pursuit of its prey while avoiding becoming a meal itself with the aid of its segmented carapace which could be enrolled at the first sign of a danger.

The preparitor is one of our Moroccan team associates, the trilobite was personally hand collected by our fossil digger and technician and has been carefully with the aid of the latest air abrasive techniques cleaned for display. We guarantee authenticity and quality with all our specimens this Phacops fossilised arthropod trilobite is no exception to this guarantee. It requires many hours of diligent and patient concentration with a pneumatic pen to clean the overburden of limestone rock away from the specimen with out damaging the trilobite. The rarity coupled with the technical skill required to extract and prepare elevates this specimen trilobite to the upper levels of study and collecting trilobites.

This extinct fossil specimen Phacops speculator trilobite is particularly well defined, the preservation is exceptional and the preparation carried out to a very high standard, all in all this is an extremely good collector trilobite.

Additional Information

Age Devonian
Origin Morocco
Colour Black