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Minicryphaeus Trilobite 21mm


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Minicryphaeus an excellent example of the fossilised trilobite, prone over the solid fossil bedrock, displays all the characteristic attributes that classify the genus type. Read the full description below...

Genus: Minicryphaeus minimus.
Age: Lower Devonian, Pragian age, 411 to 408 million years.
Origin: Djebel M'haresh Ma’ader, near Tafraoute village, Alnif, Issoumour range, Western Sahara, North Africa.

Minicryphaeus measurement.
Height: 0.8 cm
Width: 1.2 cm
Depth: 2.1 cm

Overall measurement.
Height: 3.7 cm
Width: 5.1 cm
Depth: 5.2 cm

Approximate weight: 86 g

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Large cephalon (head) spines and frilly lappets around the pygidium (tail section), are notable features along with multi lensed sclera to each compound eye, which in this specimen can be viewed with a high powered lens our jewellers loop, magnifing glass. Are the key attributes to this genus Pseudocryphaeus trilobite and make this example one from a classic stable of trilobites collected in this region.

Fossil collecting in the region of Saharan Morocco in the low lying Atlas ranges, the ranges here erupt from the desert, which is the northern Sahara and climb toward middle Morocco, Marrakesh and further north to the Riff valley, Mediterranean north Africa, also in the direction of the western coastline falling back into the Atlantic. The commercial fossil industry escalated in this region during the last quarter of the 20th century. The fossil diggers, literally pound the fossil bedding plain into smaller pieces, the rock is gradually reduced into hand sized nodules and cracked open. When a specimen is found the nodules are fixed back together and off to the lab or workshop for more technical extraction using pneumatic equipment and micro sand air abrasive machine.

Our specimen trilobites are retrieved by our associates, the Berber fossil diggers, we work closely with them to ensure authenticity and a high standard of preparation work and very little repairs or artificial products are used to cover any defects of the natural trilobites found. Working closely with our associates, visiting the fossil beds in the country of origin helps us achieve our goals of selecting the best fossils to offer for sale here.

Additional Information

Age Devonian
Origin Morocco
Colour Black