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  1. New Petrified Araucaria Tree close up

    Petrified Araucaria Tree 3.51ft

    The Araucaria trunk showcases mineralisation, petrification and finally fossilisation in colourful detail, exhibiting minerals in the form of quartz Jasper. The minerals absorbed from the surrounding ground deposits of the fossil bed. The petrification anomalies have transformed the once extant living organism into a piece of historical and natural art over 220,000,000 years. Read the full description below... Genus: Petrified Araucaria araucana wood. (Araucariaceae). Age: Early Triassic, approximately 220 to 250 million years. Origin: Ambilobe, Madagascar. Araucaria tree measurements. Height: 107 cm / 3.51 ft Width: 30 cm Depth: 28 cm Approximate weight: 200 Kg Araucaria family Wikipedia information >

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