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  1. Coleoptera And Insects In Copal

    Coleoptera And Insects In Copal

    Coleoptera and insects in copal showcasing a large section of perhaps once a much larger stalactitic form of fossilised copal. The light hue of the fossilised tree sap is excellent platform to view the myriad of life now encased within. The main inclusions appear to be large Embiotera. Several types are distinguishable from a variation of angles, enabling an overall analysis of all the insect's anatomical morphologies. Towards the base, as seen in the main photograph, you can see what appears to be a sinuous fauna specimen similar to a thin reed-type leaf. Inclusions of flying insects can also be seen comprising Isoptera (termites) and Coleoptera (beetles). Overall, this copal specimens provides an exceedingly interesting insight into the ancient petrified forests of Madagascar. Genus: Probably web spinner, Embiotera; Isoptera; Coleoptera. Age: Approximately 1.6 million years to 10,000 years old. Origin: Madagascar. Copal measurements. Height: 14.1 cm Width: 6.4 cm Depth: 1.3 cm Approximate weight: 0,043 g Learn More