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Fossil plants for sale by The Fossil Store. The premium destination for high-quality fossil flora, plants and leaves for all collectors and interior display.

  1. New Glossopteris Browniana Leaves 246mm

    Glossopteris Browniana Leaves 246mm

    Genus: Glossopteris browniana, Brongniart. Age: Midian/Tatarian, Paleozoic, late Permian, approximately 286 to 245 million years. Origin: Illawarra Coal Measures, Dunedoo, Sydney Basin, Dunedoo, New South Wales, South East Australia. History: Alfred Wegener used illustration of Glossopteris to formulate the continental drift hypothesis, circa 1915. Glossopteris Browniana measurements. Height: 24.6 cm Width: 21.6 cm Depth: 2.2 cm Approximate weight: 1,246 g Learn More
  2. Yew Leaf 77mm

    Yew Leaf 77mm

    Genus: Yew leaf. Age: Early to middle Eocene, around 48 to 35 million years. Origin: Tranquille Shale, Cache Creek, British Columbia, Canada. Yew leaf measurements. Height: 6.7 cm Width: 7.7 cm Depth: 0.7 cm Approximate weight: 0,042 g Learn More