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Insects in Copal

Insects petrified and fossilised within tree sap and plant resins have intrigued many peoples over millennia, treated as rare windows into the past, keepsakes and talisman, used as currency and medicinal cures by privileged Romans. Prehistoric moments have been encapsulated in these resins and within these time capsules, the fauna and flora of those ancient tropical forests have been frozen in time. Like some futuristic moment, if we had the ability to stop time, this then has taken place already. The natural resins of living plants have entombed all before it that was not able to escape. Only the strong and large could wriggle free of natures trap. Here Amber and Copal's are offered for sale by The Fossil Store. The premium destination for high-quality Inclusions in fossil copal and Amber for collectors.

  1. Lizards Body & Detached Tail Trapped In Copal

    Lizards Body & Detached Tail Trapped In Copal 87mm

    A Highly Rare prehistoric inclusion of a Ghost Gecko encapsulated in copal, trapped in the oozing tree resin from the ancient forests of Madagascar. Class: Reptilia Order: Squamata Infraorder: Gekkota, Cuvier, 1817 Genus: Gecko Age: Approximately 1.6 million years to 10,000 years. Origin: Madagascar. Copal measurements. Length: 8.7 cm Diameter: 1.8 cm Approximate weight: 0,015 g Learn More