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Carcharodontosaurus Saharicus

Carcharodontosaurus Saharicus Dinosaur - A North African T-Rex

(Shark toothed lizard)

Carcharodontosaurus ratio to man scale


This unique and prised collection of authentic Carcharodontosaurus North African Tyrannosaurus Rex teeth, claws and bones are no exception to the sought after Kem Kem discoveries. The condition exhibits enamel loss to the labial face, however still retaining good and interesting serrations to the mesial and distal curvatures. A classic sabre shaped cutting tooth, once able to rip through flesh achieving mortal wounds which could slow down other large dinosaurs. Once felled Carcharodontosaur could have been skilled enough to dissect carcasses

with lethal precision. In hand, one can really begin to visualise the magnifiscense of these wonderful and impresive prehistoric dinosaurs such as the Carcharodontosaurs. These vitally large sharp teeth are detailed with fine serrations used in a carnassial shear, enabling them to tear through flesh and muscle with ease. originating from the famous-classic dinosaur fossil site commonly known as the horizon of the Continental intercalate; the continental 'Red Beds', referred to as the Tegana formation.