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Fossil curating In London for our world of interiors, proffer wonderfully preserved Fossils from around the world, procured by The Fossil Store of England.


Why are fossils having a bit of a moment at auction. Again Moroccan fossil ammonites surmounted by The Fossil Store prove their appeal and longevity as a good investment. Creating a bit of a stir in London recently a surmounted ammonite realised a whopping £8125.00 GBP at the fine art auctioneers, Christie's Natural History auction. Fossils generally are once again proving to be hot for investment in the city, the highest priced fossil attaining a massive £45,000 GBP. As other traditional investments prove lacklustre, fine art and fossils are yet again thrust up to greater financial heights. Interest recently at the city auctioneers has topped expectations with many over estimate results in a 90 lot offering of fossils having only 15% bought back in, many lots topping higher estimates. The auction sale will be analysed in more detail on our other pages fossils in auctions.



a selection of fossil crinoid plates and plaques of the Devonian period from Morocco


Our main objective is underling the importance of the most desirable of fossils and the profitable part they can fill in the investment portfolio. At the fossil store we have been advising since the early nineties to this end, with great success. Our mounted ammonites which are uniquely created as sculptural elements have been solely developed in house. Benjamin Allison has been at the forefront of our definitive signature range. Benjamin sets the authentic ammonite fossils created by nature at angles over bases in a way which strikes a resonance with the classic sculptures of bygone era's, simultaneously breathing a modern new life style into the ancient Cephalopoda. Every fossil ammonite has its own inimitable character making each sculpture incomparable.


one madagascan ammonite cut and polished creating two half filled panels displaying colourful quartz and calcite mineral filled chambers


Ten years ago the 9th of March 2006 one of Benjamin’s bronze surmounted ammonites attained £8700 at the same auction house. Then the ammonite was around 698mm overall height, the latest fossil ammonite offering was slightly less at 640mm. Both had Benjamin’s hand on them. Proving Benjamin’s consistency at the very least and that fossils are proving to have a favourable retention value even in a very unsteady financial climate of today. London shows its confidence in The Fossil Stores artistry, London buyers underline this with record breaking prices and long may this trend continue in our capitol city and continue to ripple throughout the fossil buying community.