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High Quality Fossils Available For Staffordshire

fossil megalodon tooth-the largest shark known to man




The Fossil Store has been procuring fine fossil specimens primarily from North Africa and the rest of the world for over quarter of a century so we definitely understand our stones from our bones. From museums, top rated Knightsbridge stores and international auction rooms The Fossil Store fossil specimens find persistent interest and now across the county of Staffordshire, the home of good collecting taste.


perfect madagascan ammonite cut in two and polished quartz centre


So if your looking for fossil ammonites, trilobites, shells, ice age woolly mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius), teeth and hair! Large interior statements or cabinet pieces come peek our online fossil shop and let us reveal the wonders of prehistoric nature. We love our fossils and trust you will be enthralled be the intriguing fossils, minerals and natural crystal forms that the earth has preserved for our delectations. While here visit the news section for updates on fossil discoveries and our expeditions and finds in North Africa and the Sahara desert regions which we love to traverse and unearth from our digs glorious dinosaur fossil remains.


massive quartz bed of multiple terminated natural points


The Fossil Store from the north of England ships to all worldwide destinations and within in Staffordshire and the United kingdom we offer free shipping on everything in our catalogue. We have sold and shipped huge eleven feet long Siberian Mammoth tusks, Crinoid fossil plates, a type of fossil sea lily the size of living room walls, Mosasaurs, marine dinosaurs and our definite Surmounted Ammonites to every continent from New Zealand to Newfoundland. The only continent we believe we haven't yet sent a mineral or fossil to is Antarctica.