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If your looking for the best fossils to be offered in the county of Kent online you have found the destination you require, at The Fossil Store we specialise in the finest fossils, minerals and prehistoric artefacts you will find readily for sale. We have been procuring fine fossils for several decades and with our authenticated guaranteed specimen fossils and minerals we guarantee you will be enthralled and delighted with what you discover in our virtual store. We also ship to every corner of the united kingdom mainland totally free of charge and the rest of the world at cost. Also you can be assured we can send your purchase safely and securely to ay destination.


madagascan ammonite cut into two parts showing colour mineral chambers

Our fossil company was founded by a gift to a young boy which developed into a passion, our founder was driven to always strive for the best to present wonders as he saw them to others, to increase the love of fossils. Our team are dedicated to continue and build on this ethos. We invite you to our world of discovery, view the wonders of nature and discover for yourself how natural elements are as fine as anything produced by man. Natural colours, textures and sculptural form has developed our theme, to produce from nature an element that can be enjoyed in your environment.


madagascan ammonite cut into two parts showing colour mineral chambers

we can boast the only continent The fossil Store hasn't sent a fossil to is Antartica, were working on that! Visit our news pages to acquaint with our great team of fossil hunters, here are featured newsy posts, our latest expeditions and much more. We have recently revamped the web site and so we are rebuilding these pages again as with with our fist online presence way back in 1997!

You may recognise our flagship and definitive ammonites on bases, bronze, marble and limestone ecetera, these have been featured in fine homes and hotels across the globe and we are proud of these intriguing and beautiful statement ammonites on bases. The Atlas mountain ammonites started our whole African experience off in the early nineties since then we have developed the surmounted ammonite range, which you may have seen in the media, press and in many venues, including Knightsbridge stores and international west end Auctioneers.

Now on the cusp of a new era in the county of Kent we wish to introduce our latest fully secure ecommerce store for your delectations, come and enjoy with us the the best we can offer from the many disciplines of fossils, minerals and crystals, prehistory and antiquity. See you very soon...