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You have stumbled across the premier supplier of the finest fossils for online Bristol. If you are wishing to buy fossils peek our collections from Crustaceans to Dinosaurs we have it covered. We also have a sublime array of interior design elements, from sculpture to wall features able to fill walls and halls. you can choose from our collector cabinet draw specimens, palaeontology oddities and curios to statement pieces metres large. View our news posts to discover what expeditions we are currently funding, which fossils we have unearthed and have listed for sale on our web site pages.

dinosaur tooth from north african carcharodontosaurus


We also have superb minerals from the four corners of the globe, cabinet collector pieces to monumental sized Quartz and Malachites. From Madagascar we have a comprehensive selection ever changing. Our mineral section features polished specimen eggs of exotic locations, naturally coloured Quartz, Amethyst, Tigers eyes and beautiful pink Rhodochrosites. Fossil tree stumps filled with Jaspers, sliced petrified woods filled with minerals like a medusa penitent being turned into stone, some with a fine polished surface, enabling study of the rings of time, a barometer of sedimentary events.


massive quartz bed of multiple terminated natural points


The Fossil Store definitive signature Ammonite cephalopod on base has helped over the decades develop the sublime sculpture to find a place in interiors across the globe. Decorating fine hotels to ocean going power yachts. View our range of stylish surmounted ammonites in our interior section, surmounted onto fossil marble, bronze or Portland limestone. Even one Royal, Charles the Prince of Wales loved ammonite style enough to install ammonites in the stumpery pathway at Highgrove. See our selection of large Moroccan ammonites, these once extant marine creatures left behind for us to discover shells which attain diameters of up to one metre and more in rare instances.


perfect madagascan ammonite cut in two and polished quartz centre


So Bristol look no further we distribute our fossils free to Bristol city, its all included in our wrapping, packing and sending service. Every fossil or anything we supply comes with our information sheet which is also a certificate of authenticity, we guarantee everything we sell, we hope to see you browsing our fossil catalogue and don't forget to review on news pages for what's new and what being currently listed, you can find us on all major media platforms, pick these up from our web site. Also we send worldwide with an export packing service at cost, just in case you need to send to Timbuktu!