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What the Fossil Store is all about, we have been supplying the good and the best fossil specimens for many years. A hands on company, we work in locations abroad at the coal face so to speak, working with local communities endeavouring to enrich the lifes of the idigenous people that source wonderful fossil specimens. Brought back to our base in the UK we conserve and preserved fossils for future generaitons. On our new look web site you will find the glories of what we unearth along the way of our discoveries in contnental Africa and other locations of the world. Come meet our team through our news posts pages and discover what we get up to and the exciting finds we make.


perfect madagascan ammonite cut in two and polished quartz centre


The Fossil Store distributes to Avon and worldwide destinations, we offer free shipping to Avon and the United kingdom. We have sold and shipped huge eleven feet long Siberian Mammoth tusks which now reside in Singapore, Crinoid fossil plates, a type of fossil sea lily the size of living room walls to Kuala Lumpur, Mosasaurs, marine dinosaurs and our definite Surmounted Ammonites to every continent from Australasia to the America's. The only continent we we haven't shipped to is Antarctica, that's so far!


massive quartz bed of multiple terminated natural points


Over decades of progress developing Avon range of fossils The Fossil Store definitive brand, particularly our surmounted ammonites which are mounted onto either marble, bronze or limestone bases and sized from a few inches to over two feet diameter monumental ammonites, created to make impressive statement pieces for interior designers. Even one Royal loves fossils so much that ammonite style resides in the stumpery pathway at Highgrove, the residence of the Prince of Wales. We certainly have enjoyed great success over the years supplying our unique fossil style.


dinosaur tooth from north african carcharodontosaurus

From the classic dinosaur fossil sites of south eastern Morocco we bring you the Carcharodontosaurus, Spinosaurus and many other theropod fossil bones, teeth and claws of ferocious extinct predators. These emense sized giants left traces of their existence in the silts of the Cretaceous period, great lagoons and shallow seas were terrorised by the sailed backed Spinosaurus, on land the commonly termed North African T'Rex, Carcharodontosaurus ambushed other dinosaurs in duels to the death. We travel and collect fossil specimens and preserve and offer them for sale on our comprehensive web store. For that something amazing, something extraordinary, an anniversary or gift, for a building collection or a visually dramatic interior style look no further, you have found where you need to be...


deep purple amethyst geode filled with natural crystal points


Now on the cusp of a new internet era, a resurgence of interest in natural history and the great discoveries of our time. The Fossil Store has since the 1990’s been ever steadily evolving and the best is yet to come! We trust you shall find on our fossils selections fascinating from dinosaurs, ancient fishes, ice age mega fauna, flora, plants and much more be amazed and enlightened as to what is available from mother natures store.