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Devonian Marble Wine Holder 1.6ft


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Devonian marble wine holder curated for the world of interiors, crafted by artisans from the heart of Sahara in North Africa. Mainly consistent of 'Orthoceratites, Orthoceras regulare' and can contain either Ammonoids such as the Goniatite or Nautiloids, Nautilus.

• Please note that you will receive one wine holder similar to the one in the photographs. They are all of the same quality, however the fossil inclusions will differ slightly.

Genus: Orthoceratites, Orthoceras Regulare. Ammonoids, (Can contain Goniatites and Nautilus specimens)
Age: Palaeozoic era, Devonian, approximately 420 to 355 million years.
Origin: Tazzerine, Western Sahara Desert, Morocco, North Africa.

Wine holder measurements.
Overall height: 47.8 cm
Overall diameter: 14.1 cm
Hole Diameters: 9 cm

Approximate weight: 1,200 kg

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We have only the last three available and on offer here. These would make a very interested bar top or countertop column set together.

Devonian marble wine holder naturally formed from an ancient seabed. The seabed is now the Western Sahara desert of North Africa. We are delighted to offer hand-selected fossilised marble wine racks for your interiors. Featuring throughout the marble unique inclusions of calcified fossil shells, including fossil orthocones and ammonoid cephalopoda.

The marine cephalopods (molluscs) are preserved and distinctively highlighted in the sedimentary limestone, through the process of fossilisation and the absorption of minerals, the shells and animals change in the soft seabed silts and solidify into limestone with the action of pressure and time. The once living marine cephalopod creating wonderful pieces of natural art captured forever. A perfect curiosity for your home, office or studio.