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Devonian Marble Platter 1.8ft


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Devonian marble platter in overall length. All our marble platters consist of marine cephalopods, (molluscs) which have preserved with good clarity, highlighted within the sedimentary limestone and through the process of fossilisation and mineralisation the shells of the specimens have transformed from the soft seabed silts, solidifying within the black limestone with the action of pressure and time. The once living marine cephalopods create a wonderful piece of natural art captured forever, creating the perfect curiosity for your home interior dining.

Genus: Orthoceratites, Orthoceras Regulare, (Ammonoids): Goniatites and Nautilus.
Age: Palaeozoic era, Mesozoic, Devonian, approximately 417 to 354 million years.
Origin: Province of Er-rachidia, Northern Sahara, Morocco, North Africa.

Marble platter measurements.
Length: 53.5 cm
Width: 31.4 cm
Depth: 5.6 cm

Approximate weight: 9.8 Kg

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Devonian marble platter beautifully uniquely selected, designed and hand crafted using Devonian fossil marble limestone, naturally formed from an ancient seabed eons ago and now raised up in the heart of Western Sahara Desert, North Africa. We are delighted to offer these hand selected fossilised marble platters with orthoceras inclusions, each marine animals shell creates the specimen feature which has been replaced with Quartz in the form of Calcite. The calcite by a process of permineralisation has been absorbed from within the surrounding fossil bed. The process of petrification of the original form and fossilisation over millions of years. Nature created, helped by craftsmen for luxury dining.

Please use the magnifying tool at the bottom right hand corner of the main image to enlarge and review all the fossil inclusions and detail of this unique product created by select craftsmen from our team in Morocco. The use of the limestone and its selection is critical in producing the most interesting and visually appealing pieces. We select only the most interesting marbles with fossil inclusions which are wonderful and scientifically interesting. Morocco and the Sahara is a unique fossil collecting zone of fossiliferous marbles which are second to none in the variety and size of the marine life therein.