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Cornuproetus Cornutus Trilobite 17mm


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Cornuproetus Cornutus Trilobite 17mm. Our Devonian trilobites are collected in the field by our associates in North Africa and prepared for us by technicians in the Moroccan fossil Lab. We therefore have a historical link to our fossil diggers and our specimens, enabling us to authenticate and guarantee all our fossil trilobites.

Genus: Cornuproetus Cornutus.
Age: Middle Devonian, approximately 393 millions years.
Origin: Tafraoute, Mahesh, Morocco, North Africa.

Cornuproetus Cornutus measurement.
Height: 0.7 cm
Length: 1.7 cm
Width: 1.4 cm

Overall measurement.
Height: 2.5 cm
Length: 7 cm
Width: 4.8 cm

Approximate weight: 99 g

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Cornuproetus cornets trilobite, an excellent example of this cheery little trilobite, the fossilised arthropod sits well on the base rock, or bedding plain which was once the ocean floor. The typical dark colour of the fossilised carapace instantly recognisable of the Devonian fossil beds of Morocco.This specimen displays well, the cephalon genal spine strong and distinct, the cephalon is preserved crisply, displaying a good semi circular form, not distorted. the whole carapace in fact displays a very attractive anatomical form and from the head shield to the thoracic segments the whole cornuproteus trilobite carapace has an attractive sheen which shows the overall preservation is good, this being the happy result of the favourable fossil process in the fossil bedding plain.

Here is a breakdown of the order and to genus type of this Devonian Cornuproetus cornutus trilobite. Phylum Arthropoda, Class trilobita, Order Proetida, Family Proetidae, Subfamily Proetinae, Genus Proetus, described by Steininger, 1831. The Cornuproetus trilobite professionally prepared revealing the ancient arthropod from the rock of the fossil bed, natural contemporaneous Devonian limestone this fossil silt may have been the individuals demise, it is believed underwater landslips caused many trilobites to be suddenly covered over and trapped victims in an anoxic environment, lack of oxygen environment is beneficial for the process of quickly and successful fossilisation, aiding petrification and retarding bacterial growth.

The preparitor of the Cornuproetus cornutus trilobite is one of our dedicated Moroccan team, the trilobite was personally hand collected by the technician from the fossil site and with the aid of the latest techniques cleaned for display. We guarantee authenticity and quality with all our specimens this the little Cornuproetus cornutus fine fossil arthropod trilobite is no exception to this guarantee. It requires many diligent hours and patient concentration with pneumatic pens driven with mechanical compressors to clean limestone rock away from the carapace or exoskeleton of fossil trilobites without causing damage to the fossil.

Additional Information

Age Devonian
Origin Morocco
Colour Black