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Nautilus for sale, the premium destination for high-quality fossil Nautili procured from around the world. The nautiloid group consists of a mollusc which is also a shelled cephalopod related to the octopi, cuttlefish and squids to name a few of its relatives. These free pelagic marine dwellers are prolific in their environments and have roamed the global oceans through different periods of time, which span about 250 million years. Today the nautilus can still be found in the Pacific ocean. In this section, we offer a selection of wonderfully preserved and conserved fossil nautilus.

Genus: Cenoceras intermedius / Age: Triassic, 235,000,000 to 166 000,000 years.
Genus: Cymatoceras, Nautilus / Age: Albian - Aptian, 110,000,000 - 120,000,000 years.
Location: Ambohimanga Rova, Antananarivo, Madagascar. S. Indian ocean.

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