With an exceptional selection of Carcharodontosaurus saharicus, Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, Deltadromeus agilis, Dromaeosaur raptor and Oviraptor dinosaur specimens from claws and teeth to jaws and bones and on occasion, skulls, all available to buy right here at 'The Fossil Store'. All our specimens have been remarkably preserved and conserved to the highest standards, mostly originating from the famous-classic dinosaur fossil site commonly known as the horizon of the Continental intercalate; the continental 'Red Beds', referred to as the Tegana formation, province 'De Ksar-es-Souk', Kem Kem, formation or sequence, near the southeastern enclave of Arfoud, in the province of Er-Rachidia, Morocco. This is a region of the Northern Sahara desert of North Western Africa.

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