Brittle Starfish Ophiuda 118mm

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Brittle Starfish Ophiuroidea 118mm


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Brittle starfish Ophiuroidea displaying in the positive and negative fossil plate. The crisp, sharp definition of the well preserved limestone is exceedingly good in terms of its rarity and the attractive display aesthetically on the limestone plates. A fine fossil to grace any collection, the images serve well and need no more discriptive explanation.

Genus: Brittle starfish Ophiuroidea.
Age: Ordovician period, 440 to 420 million years ago.
Origin: Tremadoc Series, Kataoua Formation, Ordivician of Mecissi, Morocco.

Left plate measurements.
Height: 10.3 cm
Width: 11.8 cm
Depth: 3.2 cm

Right plate measurements.
Height: 10.5 cm
Width: 9.4 cm
Depth: 3.2 cm

Starfish measurements.
Longest span: 5.6 cm

Weight: 1,273 g

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Brittle starfish Ophiura, part of the order of Asteroids (Ophiuroides). Starfish. A double positive and negative limestone plate displaying one excellently preserved specimen, the matrix being split open to reveal to mirror images of the same marine animal.

Fascinatingly captured quite naturally, if catastrophically by some natural event, the Brittle starfish was laid down eons ago. An earthquake or tsunami has been attributed to covering over many individual sea bottom dwellers. The covering silts creating a death knell for hundreds or thousands at one time, a few survive as fossils. The silts also creating an anoxic environment, one without air to speed the decay process, in this way we are lucky to have these perfectly preserved fossils today. The brittlestar articulating in a dance of the star fish, the arms waving in a moment when the starfish was captured for all time.

The genus type of these Brittle starfish Ophira specimens are found in the location of Kataoua Kaid Errami fossil formation, Saharan Morocco. The geological age is Ordovician period around 440 million years ago.

Additional Information

Age Ordovician
Origin Morocco
Colour Brown

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