Valentine Jewellery... Make it historic

Ammonite Jewellery

So show her how much your love is set in stone for all time with a select handcrafted semi-precious mineral and fossil jewellery love token. And for those budding palaeontologists and geologists working through the layers of time, these fine jewellery items will be even more attractive and affordable with our huge 30% discounted Valentines offers leading up to Valentine's day 2018, this could be a romantic year for some fossil lovers!

Fine ammonites pendants set into Rhodium coated designs, Rhodium coats the authentic silver setting and protects it from tarnishing. This helps protect the silver and means your loved one does not have to be repeatedly cleaning the silver jewellery, which she'll thank you for ultimately!

Sleek iron pyrite ammonites set in silver and Rhodium claw setting, these rather rare little gem ammonites are from a location which has yielded most of all its fossils, the location is now untenable to work out these types of ammonites and so these will be among the last from this location in Britain, grab them while they're here!

Incredible fossil Cleoniceras ammonites from Madagascar naturally radiate with iridescence in sunlight and artificial light, the fossilised opalescence of the shell of the ancient cephalopod, is created by the refraction of light through the nacre (chitin shell layers created by the marine mollusc as it grew in life) this is termed 'the play of light' and like a mother of pearl effect is most enchanting to win the heart of a fair maiden on Valentines day!

Ammonite bracelet jewellery
Amazingly tactile Amber creates a sense of sensuality and richness, these rings set into silver exhibit the fine quality of the prized natural Ambers of the Kaliningrad layers of Russia. The Romans among many other peoples of the world prized Amber and used it as a currency equal to silver and gold! And golden it is with the warmth of tone which will surely win her heart on Valentine's day!

To discover more great designs from prehistory and mineral locations visit our jewellery selection now with 30% off the full list price, this also includes fully tracked delivery to your door in time for the big day!

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