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In a spectacular section of fossils and minerals the international auction company Christie's, once again took record prices in their auction rooms in Knightsbridge, London. Fossils proved to outperform the mineral offerings. In a sale of eighty-nine lots, consisting of 45 fossil lots and 44 mineral inclusions. Only four fossils remained unsold against ten mineral lots, making an overage unsold total percentage of only 17%. In the current climate that is quite a feat and even more so when closely analysing the statistics. A third of the sale, 29 lots toppled over the higher estimate figures, this made up of 12 minerals and a greater group of 17 fossil specimens going well overestimates. Reviewing here only the seventeen fossils which achieved over the top estimates, they brought forth a total revenue of £173,375, against estimates of £123,000. Overages proved a very successful day under the auctioneer's gavel.

Interior ammonite decor

Leaving the stat's there to discuss why these fossils proved so desirable, begs a question or two, were these fossils particularly rare or beautiful examples of natural history. The answer is not really. Is the reason behind these remarkable results more to do with the modus operandi, how an auction company presents its products (as products they are however glossily offered and romanced), rather than the products themselves. That may go a little way to the commanding higher price achieved, well that's what's in your mind yes? This criticism may be merited however we at The fossil store do not feel this is entirely the case, this time around the auction block. What we do feel by way of some industry (fossil industry-remember that phrase), is that an osmosis effect is something a little more tangible than speculation over the talents of the auctioneering companies.

Meteorites for sale

The market is changing and change when it comes moves as swift as a scrub fire. In the current market when many investments have not performed in the steady growth pattern that has been previously enjoyed, investors look to diversify and we at The Fossil Store believe this is the current trend, once again prehistoric art and sculpture is being seen as a safer hedge against the ravages of our current investment period. We have seen it before in many guises, human nature is one of continual and perpetual movement, this leads to another opportunity to gain a sound investment which shall steadily increase in value well above the rates of inflation. In this example at Christie’s in London in one day, in one auction, the increase over thought value is well beyond 100% and going yet upward. Take into account also the much-added value of feeding one's imagination and the environment with natural beauty, an awareness of our historical past, with a style and grace of natural history elements, one can live with this investment, see it, touch it, feel the investment bloom and eventually bear fruit for the investor.

Fossil crocodile dyrosaurus

Surely this emerging pattern is one well thought through, in a world turning its eyes towards preservation, protecting and nurturing our environment and in this endeavour to understand the past and all its facets and nuances, a wise investment may be to invest in the future through the past and in these extinct life forms, some 500 million years ago, is indubitably a good place to start.

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