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Introducing our latest Ancyloceras Heteromorph Ammonite from North Africa, one of a kind and a beautiful presentation for interiors and especially for this ammonoidia genus type.

With rare inclusions of Nautilus from the Barremian stage, named for the village of Barreme, Alpes de Haute, France. Dating back to the lower Cretaceous period, approximately 125 million years ago. The story of this unique specimen is one of our recent expeditions to a valley in North Africa where our team selected fine ammonites that our colleagues had excavated and prepared from the fossil limestone layers in the proceeding months before our arrival.

These fossils come out of the Cretaceous and Jurassic strata which penetrates the Atlas Ranges. As difficult as the extraction extraction process is, the effort is more than worth it, when you see the finished product, you're able to see the calibre of these fine specimens, even we get excited to have them on display in our 'Studio-Lab' and later our Galleries.


Ancyloceras Heteromorph Ammonite for sale

The inclusion of the nautilus in the commune group is also exceptional for it's size, accompanying the Ancyloceras heteromorph. The wide Nautilus aperture displays very well, amplifying the aesthetically dramatic effect, and if you're a lover of the Nautilus, which is a big trend here at The Fossil Store. We hope you'll love this latest inclusion to our Ammoniodea section under Fossils.