Interior Design and Ammonites on Plinths, somehow their familiar. Fossil ammonites, the ancient prehistoric marine dwelling cephalopods send powerful and remaining images to our sub concious self. It is something inert, in fact it could be the relationship to the inner ear which has a similar form the 'membranous labyrinth' are a series of concentrical tubes containing fluid aiding hearing and balance, similar to a whorl or helix spiral, the author's sensibilities here gravitate to theorising this relationship in the human body is a ancient genetic link to the lineage of our earliest beginnings, that the whorl’s of ammonites are subconsciously and inertly known to us all. the ancients venerated the whorling symmetry mirrored in the Egyptian god Amun, the rams headed God is amongst other powerful imagery which throughout and since historical time has stayed with us through to today. The ancient Greek Ionic capitol can be found in many media designs, not just on ancient buildings and monuments, look out for the helix or spiral on business cards, advert boards, the web and on your screens, it comes up quite often. View Interior Design and Ammonites on Plinths.

Mantelliceras Ammonites on custom bespoke plinths

Another ancient image the helix spiral has had an enormous benefit to human society, The Archimedes screw, a device enabling water to be transported to different levels, a meteoric advancement in ancient agriculture, thought to have been developed in the hellenistic period 325-30BC. The Archimedes device uses the helix spiral to transport liquid from lower or higher levels, an aid to irrigation of multi level environments and has a likeness to the whorl shells of ancient cephalopods.The cephalopoda group, the ammonites used gaseous chambers to move and rise and fall in the oceans depths.

Mantelliceras Ammonites on custom marble bespoke plinths

What we have hopefully achieved in using these familiar natural element and ancient symbols, which simultaneously are dynamic, visually powerful and distinctive, is to breath new life into our ammonites on plinths and present them in a way which makes the extinct prehistoric form accessible and useful in modern and alternative styles of interior design. That is something we are proud to have initiated decades ago, our team continues to produce a product in a specialised and quality driven market. We have strived to experiment and diversify our designs when called upon, to do so for projects for ocean going yachts and luxury hotels at home and as far afield as Arabia to Australia, in fact from monumental interior fossil sculpture to bookends our designs have featured globally. We hope you enjoy browsing our interior design and ammonites on plinths selection.

So when you're out in the world keep an open eye out for the helix spiral. We also take commissions on size and style requirements, your design, your piece of history!